2022 was indeed the year of the Tiger — a symbol of adventure — as we navigated our product and company through an exciting year. While we draw the curtain on 2022, we can look back with a lot of pride. This has been a momentous year for us at RisingWave Labs. We took significant steps in terms of establishing our footprint both as a product and as a company. As exciting as 2022 may have been for us, what is way more compelling is the numerous prospects for the stream processing market in 2023. In this blog post, we highlight five key updates from 2022.

1. Rising ‘RisingWave’

True to its name, our core product, RisingWave, grew immensely in 2022. We successfully transitioned a fledgling open-source project into one of the leading community-led projects in the data streaming space. Our community has hundreds of active participants, with the GitHub repo accumulating close to 3700 stars. Our growth story is a testament to the community’s desire to have a true open-source offering in the market ready to disrupt the batch-oriented data processing space.

2. Heralding a new beginning for streaming databases - RisingWave Cloud

We launched RisingWave Cloud, our DBaaS product, in a private preview. This is a small step towards our path to democratizing stream processing space. The initial response has been phenomenal. We have users spanning different industries and domains excited about leveraging the leading open-source streaming database engine for production use.

3. Money in the bank - Raising Series A

RisingWave Labs raised $36 Million in Series A round to build out our CEO and founder Yingjun Wu’s vision for the stream processing space. Typically, a fundraising announcement is not an achievement to toot our horn, but it is indeed noteworthy given the current economic circumstances. Needless to say, the announcement was very well-received, and we covered it in this blog.

4. Joining the party - RisingWave Labs at events

As an early-stage startup, we have been hyper-focused on building a solid product till the middle of 2022. With Series A funding secure, we finally came out of stealth mode and joined streaming and data management communities at various events. We learned a lot from users and shared our expertise in different forums. Check out this blog on Current 2022, the signature event for the data streaming space. In 2023, we plan to attend many more events to learn from experts and educate the data community on the merits of stream processing technology.

5. From Singularity Data to RisingWave Labs

Finally, let’s address the big change in our name: we started our journey as Singularity Data, and the name still holds a special place. But we decided to rebrand ourselves as RisingWave Labs to better align with our core product, RisingWave - a streaming database engine. We covered the rationale in this blog back when we announced the change.


In closing, we couldn’t be more excited about the future of stream processing space. There are so many vendors bringing new energy and innovation. Our CEO and founder, Yingjun Wu, wrote a blog surveying this space. It is a worthy read if you want to learn more about it heading into 2023.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year and look forward to engaging with you.

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