We are thrilled to announce the new release of RisingWave: the Rust-written, open-source streaming database. RisingWave v1.1 is packed with many exciting new features. Here are the key highlights.


Real-time data ingestion is inherently unordered. To properly handle out-of-order events, we need watermarks.

Accordingly we introduce watermarks in this release. In RisingWave, you can define watermarks in sources and append-only tables. Once you define them, you can use them in time-window aggregations and other stateful operations.

Append-only tables is also a new feature that was introduced in this version to facilitate the definition of watermarks.

For details about watermarks, see Watermarks.

Emit-on-window-close policy

For windowed calculations, we offer the flexibility to emit results either upon update or when the window closes.

Emitting results upon window close is particularly advantageous in certain situations.For example, when writing to append-only downstream systems like Kafka or S3, or when dealing with calculations that benefit from triggering only when the window closes, such as percentile calculations.

Our emit-on-window-close policy, introduced in v1.1, caters to these scenarios.

For details about this policy, see Emit on window close.

Read-only transactions

We recognize the significance of transactions in ensuring data processing consistency and reliability.

In this release, so we have incorporated support for read-only transactions. All reads within a transaction are executed against the consistent snapshot, guaranteeing data consistency as they originate from the same point-in-time.

For details about Read-only transactions, see Transactions.

New window functions

To enhance your data analysis capabilities, we have introduced several new window functions in RisingWave v1.1. These include lead(), lag(), first_value(), and last_value().

For details about new window functions, see Window functions.


These features are just a glimpse of the many exciting additions in RisingWave v1.1. For a comprehensive overview, please refer to the detailed release notes.

As we approach the 2,000th community member, we anticipate even more remarkable progress and success in our mission to revolutionize stream processing for the benefit of all.

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