What is it all about

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation brings Kubecon, its flagship conference, to promote education and advancement of cloud native computing. Kubernetes, Envoy, and Prometheus are just a few of the rapidly expanding cloud-native projects that the Cloud Native Computing Foundation supports, oversees, and directs as a member of the Linux Foundation. The main goal of Kubecon is to bring together early adopters and tech experts from the top open-source and cloud-native communities. This time it's happening from October 24 – 28, 2022, in Detroit, Michigan.

Join renowned technologists from the most influential open-source and cloud-native groups in a unique hybrid environment if you're a fan of cloud-native computing. Interact, connect, and collaborate with peers and like-minded individuals in the cloud-native community. You can register here and browse the schedule to find sessions of your interest.

Why sponsor

As a company, RisingWave Labs set the bold strategic goal of democratizing stream processing with its cloud-native architecture to maximize the efficiency of cloud resources. Our mission is to make stream processing more accessible to everyone as data streaming technologies become widely used data technologies. With this in mind, we open sourced our flagship project 'RisingWave' earlier this year. The opportunity to discuss RisingWave with the CNCF community at this conference is excellent. As active participants in the Kubernetes community, our engineering team has created Kubernetes Operator to manage RisingWave on Kubernetes. You can learn more about RisingWave Operator on our blog.

At RisingWave Labs, we believe the CNCF community represents the principles that align very well with our core project 'RisingWave.' As a sponsor for this event, we have three clear objectives:

  1. Interact with technical and business leaders from the CNCF community to understand the latest trends that will help mold the fast-developing cloud-native ecosystem.
  2. Engage with a wide cross-section of attendees, including the industry's top developers, customers, established vendors, and cutting-edge startups, to advance the cause of the Modern Streaming Data Stack.
  3. Share information about our open-source project 'RisingWave' with the CNCF community and invite collaboration and contributions.

How to find us

If you're attending the conference in person, find us at booth SU26. Don't miss the opportunity to watch some of our latest demos or engage in conversations with our senior engineers. And indeed, don't miss picking up some fun swag.

We will be hosting two office hours and a cloud live demo — an amazing opportunity to learn firsthand what RisingWave is all about and how RisingWave Cloud will help you build your streaming applications at a low cost.

Office hours: Thursday, Oct 27, 2.30 pm EST — Jacob Lerche and Nander Stabel

APAC-friendly office hours: Thursday, Oct 27, 6.30 am EST (6.30 pm, GTM+8) — Zhanxiang Huang and Eric Fu

Cloud live demo: Friday, Oct 28, 11 am EST — Rayees Pasha

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