From the margins to the mainstream, stream processing has rapidly evolved over the last ten years. This exciting journey—which many argue began long before Apache Storm came into being—has not been without challenges and detours. Today’s state of stream processing systems is undoubtedly a result of the continual evolution of stream processing systems from subsystems of commercial database systems to standalone open-source big data systems.

The role of the community in this evaluation is of no small measure in nurturing and growing stream processing beyond what was ever thought possible. As the community has grown exponentially around different technologies, it is clear that we are witnessing the dawn of what we call the “Modern Streaming Data Stack.” This is not a monolithic, vendor-led ecosystem but a shared, purpose-driven endeavor focused on driving innovation and interoperability between various systems, regardless of whether they compete in the marketplace. Stream processing can reach a wider audience by creating an environment where developers, designers, and users can share the best ideas and technologies.

To that end, we are excited to announce the launch of Streaming Stories. This platform brings together stories from users around the world; all centered around their experiences with stream processing. Through these stories, we hope to continue strengthening the community and fostering collaboration and innovation as we strive to reach the full potential of stream processing. We look forward to hearing your stories and hope you will join us on this journey!

As a startup developing the next-generation stream processing system, this platform provides an excellent opportunity for us to contribute to the community by engaging data practitioners and creating a space for them to engage in discussions about future trends and present solutions.

With a biweekly cadence, Streaming Stories will include:

  • Product-focused meetups: These meetups will showcase stream processing tools along with demonstrating their integration with RisingWave. They will be technical, hands-on events highlighting key product features, typical use cases, and prime business benefits.
  • Panel discussions and interviews: With prominent domain experts to spur the discussion around trends, challenges, and opportunities within the stream processing space, these sessions will offer a higher-level view. They will evaluate the past, present, and future of stream processing without shying away from discussing more controversial issues.

To better illustrate the topics covered, some of the questions we have been asking ourselves and which keep inspiring us are:

  • Why do we need stream processing?
  • Can stream processing replace batch processing?
  • Is it one or the other, or are we talking about a peaceful coexistence here?
  • What tools are vital for the popularity of stream processing?
  • What tools—existing or in the making—are going to shape the future of stream processing?
  • Finally, where does RisingWave fit into this picture?

In the future, the Streaming Stories series will also feature technical topics targeting new and experienced developers with a focus on solving specific data processing problems. The presenters will include industry thought leaders in the stream processing space. Attendees can gain an inside look into how industry giants like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Uber, and Alibaba leverage stream processing to derive maximum business value.

If you, like us, seek to learn more, join the next Steaming Stories event. You can join our meetup group or participate in the discussions in our Slack community space. We look forward to hearing your suggestions for topics and speakers, as well as how we can improve Streaming Stories.

Upcoming Streaming Stories sessions include:

Vol 1: Cloud-Native Streaming SQL over Pulsar

  • Time: Thursday, February 23, 2023, 9 AM PT/6 PM CET
  • Speakers: Rayees Pasha (Head of Product at RisingWave Labs) and Tim Spann (Developer Advocate at StreamNative)

Vol 2: The Future of Stream Processing

  • Time: Thursday, March 2, 2023, 9 AM PT/6 PM CET
  • Speakers: Yingjun Wu (Founder and CEO at RisingWave Labs), Zhenzhong Xu (Co-founder at Claypot AI), and Mike Rosam (Co-founder and CEO at Quix)
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